About Me

Amazing [uh-mey-zing] adj. - causing great surprise or sudden wonder.

It is not about being an amazing photographer taking amazing pictures. However, it is more about AMAZING moments that surprise me all the time. It is a great privilege and honor for me to be a part of those moments. I can not stop but wonder how a picture could paint a thousand words, love, joy, laughter, intimacy, hope and many more.

My name is Christia Burton, the photographer and owner behind Addie Photography. Looking back, I never thought that I have so much passion in the art of photography. It all started in high school, I love editing with photoshop the pictures I took with my point and shoot cheap camera. A few years after I graduated high school, I managed to buy my very first own professional camera. Starting out as a hobby of taking photos of my daughter, Natasha, I started to find my passion, or should I say I found myself. Later on, friends and family started to ask me to capture their moments, and more people starting to know about me. In 2011, Addie Photography was founded. I started my career as Newborn Photographer, but that does not mean that my Photography service is limited. I have been hired to photograph children of all ages, families, maternity, events, engagements and weddings. Basically for any of your photography needs, give me a shot, and I promise to impress. Other than photography, I spend my time with my two children, a boy and a girl. My family is the center of my world. I also enjoy making hair bows, crocheting, and face painting for children's parties. I can not wait to capture your amazing [uh-mey-zing] moments, and THANK YOU for letting me be a part of it.