children and Family photography

Babies and toddlers are very fun to photograph! You can't pose them because they will look very unnatural. The trick is to just let them be themselves! and that is the fun part. They make funny faces, they make cute faces, they are just full of character! But, they also run away from you haha! I always warn parents to wear something comfortable if they are not planning to be in the pictures with their kids because, they WILL chase them around. I love these sessions with toddlers. 

How long is the session?
It depends, I have several different packages that involves kids. Please review the price list to see my packages. I also run themed mini sessions once a while, I will usually post that on our Facebook page. So, check it out!

How can you book me?
Contact me to reserve the date. I require payments FULL payments to be made in order to reserve the date. Please refer to price list for more information.