Family Photography || Dhea and John + Baby

John and Dhea are such cute, fun, and outgoing couple! The moment I met them, I feel like I've known them forever! Instead of me making them feel comfortable for pictures, I think they made me feel comfortable taking their pictures. Haha, that really is backwards but they're fun to talk to!  I mean we hit it right off! unfortunately 15 minutes into our session. Baby, their 12 years old dog, decided he was a superdog! Yeah! He jumped off a 5 feet tall brick wall and of course he busted his lips, poor baby. So, we had this bloody show and he was shaking and photos did not turn out well after that moment. 

We decided, well let's wait a few days and let him heal and have another short session. Baby was excited, John and Dhea was excited! It all turned out well! So, the day after our second photo shoot, John and Dhea left Georgia to move to Hawaii! I am so jealous! How great would it be for me to live in Hawaii!! the beach life and the views! oh my! Well, John and Dhea, I wish you great success there in Hawaii and amazing life ahead! Okie dokie, Here are some sneak peak of the photos we took.