Newborns - What to Expect?

Thank you so much for choosing me to capture your baby’s first days. Although I can do all types of photography, newborn photography is my specialty. We have either talk about when the baby is due and around what day we are going to do the photo-shoot or we have already set a date of appointment. If your baby hasn’t been born, please get in touch with me as soon as your baby comes. Babies are best photographed in the first 14 days of their new little lives. They sleep better, don’t have colic yet, more flexible, and usually haven’t started developing baby acne or cradle cap.

Before we have our session, I would like to ask you a few questions to make your session a perfect fit for you.. You will find your questionnaire on the bottom of this page.

What to do or bring?

1.     Please do not feed your infant before coming to see me. I will give you time to feed the baby and sooth him/her to sleep once you arrive. The reason this works best is that if you feed your baby before you come, he will start his sleep cycle while in his car seat. Not good. We want him to sleep during the shoot. I also do ask for you to feed him/her with no clothes one, he/she can keep the diaper on though until we do the shoot.

2.     It is always nice to have a pacifier. This will help me sooth your baby in between poses, but if you choose not to let your baby use pacifier, it is okay.

3.     I photograph babies mostly in their birthday suits. I do a lot of wraps and coverings.

4.     Mom and dad should wear something comfortable. I love black or white tops.

5.     I encourage you to bring any special hats, hairbands, bracelets, etc. You may not like what I have and I may fall in love with what you bring. So, not only your addition gives us more to choose from, they are also extra special since they belong to your little one.

6.     I recommend bringing blankets to cover your baby while soothing him/her.

7.     If you have scheduled your session in the late afternoon/ early evening please take traffic into consideration.

8.     Lastly, if you should think of anything before you come, please feel free to contact me. I love texting best at 678 908 0677

What to expect during the session?

1.     Once you arrive, you will have time to feed and sooth your baby. Once he/she is happy and sleepy, let me know and we can start the session.

2.     Please expect accidents (poops and pees) because your baby will not have anything on them. So, do not feel bad if you baby poops on my props or pee on it. I am okay with it.

3.   Please expect your baby to be off schedule with his/her feeding/sleeping as we need to keep them nice and sleepy. 

What to do after the session?

1.     Go home and relax. I will post a sneak peek image of your little one as soon as I can on my facebook page.

2.     I will go through your images and select the best. I usually narrow it down to 20-25 images.

3.     Once I finished sorting your images.  I will provide you a gallery with a duration of three weeks to choose your photos from. You can order prints/digital files through the gallery. You can share it with your family and friends by sharing them the password to your album.

4.  Once you have chosen/ordered your images. I will look to correct any blemishes, tiny details like baby acnes, hair, etc. My process also includes looking for images that would shine with a special touch such as color application. I can convert your images to black and white as well.

5. Then, I will send your digital image to your email and there would be a link to your downloadable gallery. I will send prints through the mail or if you choose to pick up your products, you can do so.

Name *
Please note that my main focus will still be the newborn baby.
Example: Baby chin pose or if one of you served the country, do you want to bring props from home like a flag or helmet?
If you'd like, please send some of your favorite newborn photos you find to show me examples of what you like to